Growing Awareness of Aboriginal Studies

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Aborignal people have survived with the environment in the country australia, since time began.

aboriginal people had many laws and rules to ensure that they live in peace and harmony with each other and the environment. They live in a close harmony with the land and the environment while maintaining strong spiritual beliefs and respected everything around them. To all there was a purpose of living.

The traditional aboriginal worldview is essentially a spiritual one. The elders were considered to be the keepers of the law. They were responsible for the wellbeing of there people and their country, the source of particular and spiritual wisdom.

Any misbehaving or breaking the law resulted in punishment according to the seriousness of the crime.

Elders are still highly respected in all aboriginal communities.

Special places are often referred to as sacred sites. Sacred sites must be respected at all times.

Dancing was a very important aspect of aboriginal life.

Through dancing the aboriginal people re-enacted their dreaming stories. Dancing often accompanied singing in a ceremony.

The aboriginal people decorated their bodies, they carefully painted their skin with white and red ochre.

Children are told dreaming stories which tell about the aboriginal values such as respect for the elderly, sharing of food, and duites to kin and the land.

aboriginal art tradional reflects the diversity of cultural expression.

Aboriginal people believe the life cycle begins with a soul-spirit and returns to a soul-spirit.