Growing Up To Fast

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Yes, I think kids are growing up to fast these days. I think that kids are being forced to grow up before they are ready to grow up. If a child's parent's work everyday until late in the evening then a child is forced to make their own dinner and live by themselves for a few hours everyday.

At school, I think kids try to act a lot older than they really are. You see grade three girls walking around with make-up on and short tops trying to look "sexy". They don't even know the meaning of "sexy" but they want to look "sexy". It is all an act. Children have lost their innocence. There is always boys walking around swearing there heads off like it's part of their vocabulary. I don't know about you but when I hear a grade three or four or anybody in public school say "F" you or something like that it totally shocks me.

I say to myself "What kind of parents does that kid have". I also think a a lot of this growing up to fast has a lot to do with peer pressure.

I also think a big influence on the kids is the parents. Parents today, are very relaxed and lenient. They think everything should be fun and games and everything is innocent, harmless and won't have any effect on there kids.

Exposure to certain T.V. programs and movies has a big influence on kids.

Parents let their kids watch a little sex, a little swearing and a little violence.

Before they know it they are letting their kids watch anything and everything they want to. That is my view as to why kids are growing up so fast. Hope you enjoyed it.