Growth of Political Parties- 1970's

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200 years ago, in the early days of the American republic, political parties did not exist. By the 1970's the split into the two political parties of the time, the Federalists and the Republicans, was clearly visible. There are many factors that contributed to the rise of the first political parties. Disagreement between leaders and different political views were major factors to this.

George Washington, in his "Farewelll Address", which was released in 1796 six months before his retirement from the precidency, provided valuable advice to the american people. He expressed his dislike of political parties and warned the country no to get involved in different sects. He believed that these sects only serve as a distraction to the public council, stir up rebellion and make the government weaker as shown in Document 4.

The tension between the major leaders of the time was a major factor in the creation of seperate political parties during the 1970's.

In a memo written by Thomas Jefferson in 1790, he expresses his thoughts on Hamilton labeling him a curropt monarchist, as seen in a letter the memo presented in document 1. Jefferson also did not like hamilton's idea of the funding of the debt. He felt that the exsice tax that Hamilton and his party created was not only detested by the public but, also a contributing cause to the hatred of the people toward the government as expressed in document 3. Hamilton also distrusted Jefferson, Madison and their Republican party. He stated, in Document 2, that the views of foreign policy of jefferson and his supporters, were dangerous for the Union and hostile to Hamiltons administration.

by 1978 the two political parties were officialy formed. The republicans led by jefferson and madison at the time, followed a strict interpretation of the...