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Guatemala Guatemala, 3rd largest area in Central America, a population of almost 12,000,00; taken up by a majority of two cultures that have made Guatemala a complex society that is deeply divided by the rich and poor, its beautiful land and good weather, together with freedom of democracy keeps people living peacefully in this vast and exciting country.

The Guatemala history marked with many wars and tensions between cultures. In 1523 Alvarado took over Guatemala and established a Spanish Colony by defeating the Mayan Indians. This started 2 different cultures; the Native Americans and the Ladinos (mix of Spanish and Native American). From there on the Spanish was in-control of Guatemala until Independence was finally brought to Guatemala from the Spanish rule in 1821.

Bell: "The history in Guatemala was very controversial over the years, it was more like the power going back and forth for many years, until in finally fell into the right hands, the hands it should have belonged to in the first place" The 36 years of civil war and military dictatorships, which ended in December of 1996, left the majority of people poor with the slow economy and bad country ecology.

The Political situation in Guatemala today is stabile democratic goverman, with 4 years president election, congress and constitution.. The people of the country have a freedom of choice and even leftover from previous war the power struggle still continue, the people of the country stay and support the grow democracy.

Bell: "The Political situation was complicated in Guatemala, people were very unhappy with the way things were going with all the fighting over power, and living with no stable government, until there was one stable government and a constitution, after that the government was going up and the people were staying" The new constitution...