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Andrew Edwards


E.O.C., 4P

10 November 2014

"I Abide By The Honor Code" Andrew Edwards


Hunting is a big part of my family. Its been around my family for generations and generations to come. We go every year. My whole family takes time out of their busy lives to go hunting and the best part, my whole family goes up and it's a blast we can practically do anything we want when we are at the camp site. We mostly like to ride four wheelers and screw around with bb guns or 22's.

When we ride four wheelers we usually go to our "special" spot but its just a couple of jumps behind a lot of trees that you literally have to go on a treasure hunt just to find it. When you finally find it, it is so much fun you can do jumps or you can race somebody its just a blast.

My cousin and I usually race because we are pretty competitive when it comes to things like that.

Edwards 2

When we fart around with the bb guns or 22's we usually try to hit birds or squirrels which sucks when you can't find any because it's so much fun. Sometimes we try to have competitions hen we shoot for example, who can shoot the most pine cones or who can hit the most stumps. We also like to shoot targets which is really fun because then we get to see who the better shot is and its me.

The best part about being at the campsite is getting to hang around with my family and some of my dad's friends that go up every year and just have a good old time. We sit by the camp fire, crack a...