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Concealed Handguns The guy smiled at me…and he began to move toward me with the knife. I thought, 'this guy is willing to kill me for thirty-five dollars.' I aimed the automatic at the outer edge of his left thigh and shot him…I remember thinking, shouldn't I call a doctor? And then I thought, would he have called a doctor for me? And I kept right on walking…(Would 162).

Events such as the one depicted in this story occur all to often on our city streets. The fact that some people will kill for thirty-five dollars has many people in this country searching for a legal source of protection. Through a concealed handgun license innocent people can often walk away from potentially violent crimes unharmed. Carrying a concealed handgun makes perfect sense to everyone but criminals (Jones 259).

Whose fault is it when innocent people are murdered because they obey the law and do not carry handguns illegally? If those who abide by the law cannot protect themselves, criminals are assured unarmed targets who are strictly at their, the criminals, mercy.

In these cases a concealed handgun acts as an equalizer for those overpowered or outnumbered. The department of Justice states that eighty-seven percent of all violent crimes occur outside the home and concealed handguns are the only defense. Maybe Denver talk-show host Alan Berg would still be alive had he not been denied his concealed handgun permit while fearing his death by white supremacists (Snyder 31).

Law abiding citizens have nothing to fear from the legalization of concealed handgun permits. Since the first concealed weapons legislation in Florida in 1987, 31 states have legislated concealed weapon laws, and in each state applicants must meet certain criteria before actually being licensed. Rather reliable background checks are done on each applicant...