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Seth G. Beasley English 1301 Mrs. Bryan July 10, 2001 Gun Control Should the American people still be allowed to bear arms? This question arouses brings rise to the never-ending controversy of gun control. Gun control is an issue that is constantly debated over by government officials, citizens, and gun owners. Advocates of gun control feel that the right to bear arms should be discontinued. However, opponents of gun control believe that the right to bear arms is backed by many valid reasons.

After the completion of the United States Constitution, the writers made 10 additions, or changes. These changes are referred to as the Bill of Rights. Among the Bill of Rights is the Second Amendment. In this amendment the right to bear arms is granted. The Second Amendment states: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

(O'Neill 43) These words were written by the founding fathers of this fine country and were intended to be upheld for as long as our governments existence. The Second Amendment is the backbone of support for the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment proclaims that the people have "the right to keep and bear arms." However, some advocates of gun control feel that the Second Amendment is referring to the people as a whole, rather than an individual. Proponents of gun control believe that the people have the right to own and bear arms only when banding together to defend our country or our rights (Kuschke 4). To most the Second Amendment is clear. The framers of the Constitution were trying state that all citizens should be ready to fight for their country or rights, when necessary. The Second...