Gun Control

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Gun Control Purpose: Benefits of gun control Audience: People who are familiar with gun control.

There are many benefits in gun control. Firstly, the required waiting period for handguns is a benefit to gun control. A waiting period allows the gun seller to do a background check on the buyer to make sure that he/she does not have a criminal record. A waiting period allows potential gun buyers to cool down after a domestic fight instead of buying a gun when they are really mad. The waiting period also allows gun buyers to put thought into their decision of buying a gun. Another benefit to gun control is that assault rifles are illegal in the United States. These assault rifles are illegal because there is no practical reason to use them. Assault rifles shoot multiple bullets at a time. Assault rifles are illegal because of the fact that if the public had them they would be more heavily armed than the police forces that exist to protect us.

An additional important benefit in gun control is the fact that kids under a certain age have to take a firearm safety class in order to go hunting. If kids do not go through this class they will not know how to use the gun properly. Also, this class is important because it teaches kids the safety of a gun, how to hold it properly and where to put it when they are walking. Firearm safety classes can also help prevent hunting accidents. A waiting period to buy a handgun, laws prohibiting the sell of assault riffles, and kids having to take firearm safety class are very important benefits in gun control.