Guns, Germs And Steel: The Credibility of Jared Diamond's Theory

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For thousands of years, humans have thrived on this Earth. Some cultures became more advanced than others. They grew larger and larger as they conquered nation after nation, because they were more powerful and technologically advanced. But why were some peoples more advanced than others? Many argue that the Eurasian peoples were so technologically advanced because they were smarter and genetically superior to other cultures such as the Africans, the Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians. While one man, Prof. Jared Diamond argues that it was because of environmental conditions and geographical placement that some peoples were able to advance further and faster than another.

But how credible is his theory.

Two main weaknesses in Diamond's theory are:-Farming-GoodsDiamond argues that it is through farming that so many cultures advanced quickly and efficiently. The cultures that farmed wheat and barley were the ones that advanced the most and the quickest, because the farmed products were so high in protein.

However, the Egyptians and the Aztecs were efficient wheat and barley farmers, yet they were conquered by the Persians and the Spaniards respectively.

For thousands of years, the Egyptians farmed along the banks of the Nile. They had wheat and barley available to them and this was their main produce. The crop harvest was generally good, since the Nile provided a form of irrigation for the farmers. Until the Persians enveloped them into the Persian Empire.

The Aztecs were also efficient farmers of barley, and also used irrigation method to produce good hardy crop, yet they too were conquered, by the Conquistadors.

So how then, can Diamond argue the point that it was through farming that the cultures advanced?Another weakness in Diamonds argument on farming is that of domestication. Diamond states that the domestication of animals also played a vital role in a...