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The similarities and difference in "The Leaving"

By: Andrew Varghese

In the short story "The Leaving" by Budge Wilson, a young girl named Sylvie and her Mother leave the farm and take a small vacation to Halifax. In Halifax Sylvie experiences a new way of life which changes the mood and atmosphere of the story from the life on the farm. There are many similarities in the beginning and ending of this short story, but in the middle of the story is the setting and mood is changed.

There are many similarities from the beginning of the story to the end that the author put in. For example the weather is the same they were both cold, wet, and gloomy. Also the feelings and emotions run through Sylvie and her mother in the beginning and ending. Both of them are scared, tired, curious, excited, and anxious going to Halifax and what is going to happen when they come back.

The setting is similar in the beginning and then end for the walk to and from the house. For instance there are stubby dead ugly trees, scrub growth, farm houses that need paint, and shabby houses. This story has lots of similarities from beginning to end.

There are also many differences as well in this novel that the author added. For example, the setting in Halifax was beautiful gardens full of massive and intricate flower beds. While in Annapolis there are fields of untidy spruce trees and ugly grey Skelton trees dead from Dutch elm disease. Another difference in the setting was in Halifax. There were nice statues with splashing fountains and elaborate round bandstand with a little river. However in Annapolis, there were discarded cars, jumbled firewood, old rusty tools and an old oil drum...