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This paper deals with Hamlet and the revenge vs suicide problem None

Hamlet: Is He Insane?

The term insanity means a mental disorder, whether it is temporary or permanent, that is

used to describe a person when they don't know the difference between right or wrong. They

don't consider the nature of their actions due to the mental defect.("Insanity", sturtevant) In

William Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" Shakespeare leads you to believe that the main character,

Hamlet, might be insane. There are many clues to suggest Hamlet is insane but infact he is

completely sane.

Throughout the play Hamlet makes wise decisions to prove he is not insane. He knows

exactly what he is leading up to. He just delays to act due to his indecisiveness. An example of

this is in Act III, section III, line 73, Hamlet says "Now might I do it pat, now 'a is a-praying, and

now I'll do it-and so 'a goes to heaven, and so am I revenged that would be scanned.

A villain

kills my father, and for that, I, his sole son, do this same villain send to heaven. Why, this is hire

and salary, not revenge." He says here that he has his chance to kill his father's murder but, he is

praying. By killing him while he's praying his soul goes to heaven and this wouldn't be revenge.

This is not a thought of an insane person. An insane person would have completed the murder at

this opportunity. In Act III, scene I, line 55, "To be or not to be...", Hamlet displays his

indecisiveness by thinking about suicide because of the situation he is in. He would rather be

dead than live with the thought of his father's death going unavenged. He is scared to get

revenge because he found...