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October, 22,2014

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What It Takes To Be King

In order for a country to be successful, the citizens of that country need a leader that is involved in running the country. It is also important that the leader cares about the citizens. In William Shakespeare's "Hamlet", Shakespeare gives the reader examples of types of leaders. Both Hamlet and Fortinbras have different leadership styles and qualities. In the play, even if Hamlet were to remain alive, Fortinbras would be a better king for the country of Denmark. Fortinbras would be a better king because he shows strong leadership qualities; he knows what he wants, and never questions himself. This compares to Hamlet, since Hamlet constantly questions himself, exhibits impulsive behaviour, and is mentally unstable.

Hamlet is very impulsive and irrational which would not make him a good leader. This is one quality that would not make him a good king.

Hamlet shows that he is incredibly impulsive and irrational when he says: "How now, a rat? Dead for a ducat, dead!"(III,iv,23-24) This quote is significant because Hamlet is acting very impulsive, when he stabs Polonius through a curtain without even checking to see who is there. In this quote, Hamlet is not thinking before he acts and his behaviour is very erratic. It would not be good for a country to have a person that is very impulsive and erratic to be leading a country.

Another reason why hamlet would not be a good leader for Denmark is that Hamlet is mentally unstable, and he acts very crazy. Being mentally unstable is another reason why Hamlet is not fit to be king. Hamlet does the same thing with Ophelia. He doesn't quite know what he is doing because he allows his impulsive behaviour to get the...