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Compare the way the texts deal with human agency and fate

The plays Hamlet and Oedipus the King are similar in they are both tragic tales, In Oedipus the King; fate is much more powerful than human will (par. 1). The Play has the theme of predestination, the idea that fate is already set out and will take place. The more one tries to fight and control their fate and destiny, the more likely it is to come forth. In Hamlet fate is constructed of free will and how his fate ends up is based on the actions and decisions he chooses to make but is conflicted whether murdering the King is the righteous thing to do and whether it will bring a sense of justice to himself as well as his father. Nevertheless, both Oedipus and Hamlet's journeys ends in destruction and misery.

Oedipus becomes obsessed with changing his fate after he learns that he will kill his father and sleep with his own mother. He tries to control his destiny but he ends up blinding himself and going into exile. Apollo had flashed a future before his eyes filled with pain, terror and disaster, 'you are fated to couple with your mother, you will bring a breed of children into the light no man can bear to see - you will kill your father, the one who gave you life!' (Fagles, 205). Oedipus tries to run from his fate and in the process fulfils the first prophecy of killing his father and then marrying his mother when he was made King of Thebes.

In Hamlet, a ghost resembling his father's spirit marks the beginning of his fate. He says to him, "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder" (Branagh, 32). He...