Hamlet V.S. Macbeth

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Hamlet V.S. Macbeth Shakespeare wrote many plays in his lifetime. They all had some meaning that refrained to real- life experiences. Hamlet and Macbeth had similar meanings. The meaning that they both had was wearing masks. Wearing masks means that you are not being yourself or who you really are. You are trying to be someone else. Wearing a mask hides your true identity. When you wear a mask you cannot be trusted because people do not know who you really is.

In my opinion, Macbeth and Hamlet are very similar. In both of the plays, Macbeth and Hamlet are influenced by someone else to commit murder. Lady Macbeth is always trying to influence Macbeth into murdering the king. Macbeth would sometimes change his mind about it, but Lady Macbeth would do anything she could do to make him want to go out with the murder. She would even insult Macbeth by telling him that he was a coward and that he was scared to murder the king.

It was like she was making up Macbeth?s mind for him. Lady Macbeth would treat Macbeth as though he was a little kid, who couldn?t think own his own. Lady Macbeth was like Macbeth?s second murder.

In Hamlet, the ghost of his father is playing the role of Lady Macbeth in Hamlet. The ghost wants Hamlet to murder his uncle who is the king because he murdered him. The ghost wants Hamlet to revenge his death. Just as Macbeth, Hamlet sometimes thinks about not killing the king because he wants to keep his honor. The ghost always appears to Hamlet, at night, to always remind him that he has to revenge his death. Hamlet?s father was killed without his sins being forgiven, so he is in purgatory. The ghost wants his son,