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The Best computer to play games on Date: Monday November 15 Source: Computer Gaming World pg.264 Author: Loyd Case and Dave Salvator Date of article: January 1999 Summary This computer was rated number one for Best computer to play games on. The computer is called the Falcon Northwest Mach V. When you get this computer it has everything that you need to play games. The computer comes with five separate speakers and one big speaker, It comes with a special Joystick, which was made especially for this computer, and it also comes with a 21-inch screen that is top of the line, which requires a TV display in order for the screen to be configured to its optimal performance. The editors of this Magazine gave it the editor's choice award and they rated the computer 4 ½ out of 5. Some of the basic facts of the computer are that it has a Pentium 2 processor with 450MHz.

It has 128 MB of ram and it also comes with one of the best graphics cards in the Obsidian X-24. But all of this quality hardware does not come cheap the total price comes out too $5,999. This computer was also awarded the "out of the box" award for being able be used instantly after taking it out of the box and it was able to be used with out any glitches in the system.