Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

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The Giver Jonas's life is under control. There aren't any wars, no one is ever scared, and there is barely any pain. In Jonas's world people never worry about money, because there is none. The world is completely isolated. And worst of all, there is no love. Everyone lives like this except for one man, The Receiver of memory.

When Jonas becomes an adult he is chosen as the new Receiver of memory. As Jonas learns what is the truth, he must run to it. He must find where this type of world might be. Now he must risk his life for the future of everyone. There is no turning back.

I enjoyed the curiosity of this book very much.

This book was an extremely interesting book. At first you barely understand anything, but as you go along in the book you learn things that are unimaginable. This book can be thought of as an extremely different type of novel.

There are very few books that can even get close to being like this. Yet this book was so awesome, I'm sure Authors will begin to portray it.

I loved this book. At some parts you feel bitterness, sometimes suspense, and you also feel confused at many parts.

I can't begin to completely explain to anyone this book, but I've tried to the peak of my knowledge to explain to you the best I can. I say this book is definitely something that one should take the time to read.

If Jonas hadn't gone on the adventure to elsewhere, the world would've stayed dull. It wouldn't have love, pain, color, animals, or fear.

All in all, I say this book is the third to best book I've ever read.