Harry Potter And The Sorcerors Stone

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Can you amagine living in a world filled with beast's,witch's,warlocks and magicians? Can you amagine playing a game one hundred feet in the air? Well thats exactly what harry potter does in the book," harry potter and the sorcerors stone! Its filled with magic,adventure,comedy, and exitment.When you read the book it almost feels like your there, standing next to harry potter as he fights off monster and magicians alike.

Harry potter was a half-human half-magician when he was born. Soon after Harry was born his mother and father were killed by and evil man named voldamorte. After Harry's parents were killed voldamorte tried to kill Harry, but failed miserable. After the attempt to kill Harry failed it left a large lighting bolt down his forhead. Soon after this all took place a large man came and took harry to his aunts house, were he would be raised into his teen years.

After all this goes on many years pass and harry finds himself at the age of twelve. The book goes on to explain that Harry had been treated badly and never got any attention, mostly, in part, to his step cousin Dursley. Dursley was a fat, spoiled kid who seldom listend to anyone.