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The setting of Hatchet is very interesting. Brian Robeson, the main character of Hatchet, lives on a deserted island. He has a water hole that he gets drinking water from. He has a raspberry bush and he has a gut berry bush that he gathers berries from. One time he even saw a bear eating berries from the berry bush. Brian has a shelter that he made of wood. His shelter is on the south side of the island near the water. Brian wanted to be near the water so that he could see a boat if it came near the island.

There are a lot of wild animals on the island. Brian sometimes even gets a close look at animals, like the time he saw a bear eating berries from the bush right next to him or the time when he fell in the water and a moose attacked him.

There are a ton of mosquitoes on the island. There are also animals such as bears, porcupines, foxes, raccoons, birds, squirrels, and much more. There are trees, bushes, flowers and shrubs on the island. In the night, it is very windy and cool; but, in the day, it is very hot.

Brian is a normal kid with an amazing adventure. Brian is a tall but skinny boy. He has short black hair and his skin color is white. Brian is a thirteen year old teenager.

Brian is a very smart kid, and would be even smarter if he believed in God. I think Brian is a very cheerful kid at times, but at other times he is not. He is very strong and he never gives up. Brian sometimes forgets things because he gets scared. For example, when he was in the plane and the pilot had a...