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Essay by lola84F, February 2004

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Task 1


The business, which I have decided to base this assignment on, is Mayfield School And College. The school has a large ground area with 6 additional buildings placed separately around the school site.

As Mayfield has many department areas, I have decided to mainly focus on the IT department of the college.

There are two main aspects of the IT department, which is;

"«THE PRACTICAL - this involves the use of computers, with a qualified teacher or supervisor within the room to assist students.

"«THE THEORY - this involves taking part of sitting within a classroom with the traditional board and pen method of teaching.

Each lesson is taught by an IT teacher that is responsible for each student. The teacher is obliged by law to be trained either visually or verbally on how to conduct of all health and safety aspects in how to keep students safe within each room.

The head of the IT department is Miss Christina Botha, these responsibilities would be part of her responsibility, to make sure all teachers know how to use equipment within a proper manner and know all fire drill regulations and first aid helpers. This should be taught to the employee during training.

As all other business Mayfield has to obey by the Health and Safety laws. The health and safety law is a UK legislation running since the mid-nineteenth century, the main legislation that is run today is the health and safety act 1974, and this requires employers to formulate a written safety policy, places and obligation on employees to observe safety rules. This act established the Health and Safety Commission to formulate safety regulations and codes of practice, and the health and safety executive to enforce the provisions of the act.

On the college grounds...