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Heaven Voice X is a well-known surgery doctor. One day, he has a dying patient Y who was badly injured in the car accident. He finally cannot save the life of Y because he lost so much blood.

X was somewhat depressed by the death of Y and went Internet after work. When he came to the chat room, a man who is actually Y on the other side of Internet begged X to take care of his wife well. X is really astonished as there is only himself in this chat room. He wanted to ask, and Y was just disappeared.

Z, who is the wife of Y, is waiting for her husband and surfing on Internet, too. Her mouse suddenly moves by itself and led her to a strange chat room which is the same as X. She was totally surprised by such mouse movement.

However, she quickly finds that she is indulging in chatting with X without reason. On the other hand, X also feels that he had been attracted by Z. However, she is longing to wait her husband back and logged off quickly. Later, her husband came in and Z blamed that he came in without voices. Y then told Z that he is no longer a person but a ghost who has only minutes remaining. Z at first does not believe it at all and she figures out it is a truth when she cuddles Y. Y is just a wisp of gas. She lacerates her pulse and vows to go with Y to heaven together. The ghost of Y approaches to the computer and asks X for help to save his wife. Y then told X that he is just the dead patient in hospital of X and told X the address of Z. Y then died and went to heaven. X calls an ambulance and goes to save Z with suspicion.

The ghost of Z is now going on her way to Heaven with Y. Y persuaded her to bravely live on, because she still has the chance to live on. Z loves Y so much and finally promises Y to bravely live on.

Z is lying in hospital, with the encouragement of Y, Z has been slowly waken. She is informed that the person who is waiting for her besides bed is just X. She called the name of her husband Y with tears in her eyes and put her head on the shoulder of X... From then on, Z is took care by X forever. Z bravely lives on because she would never forget the encouragement of Y from the remote heaven.