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hel6-4. I will be explaining the parental styles of Diane Baumrind. The authoritarian parent "adopts the working class/models the factory that is based on obedience for its own sake" (Gaft). Authoritarian parents are strict parents that enforce their authority over their children. These parents tend to be harsh and the children must comply with whatever is said "“ no questions asked! The children of authoritarian parents do not talk back. These parents set the standards, rules and the children must obey everything determined. A way to describe this kind of parenting is harsh, dry, bad tempered. The children tend to be less friendly. One example of an authoritarian parent that comes to mind is the "˜closeted' father in American Beauty. I cannot remember his name but he was the father of the teen that video taped everything. The father was set in his ways. Everything was to be done his way or no way.

The father was bad tempered and the son had to respect him while he was living in the house. Although he did probably love his son, there was not really any showing of love. Basically I would describe him as mean. Next is the authoritative parent "“ these parent uses the "Skinnerian model which demands mature behavior including being willing and able to reason with their children while providing love and encouragement" (Gaft). I would describe these parents as setting their rules but also explaining and letting their children have a say in things. There is high love in an authoritative parent and it shows immensely. That said, authoritative parents have children that are responsible, friendly, loving and sociable. An example of this type of parenting is the Huxtables from the Cosby Show. They are the complete opposite of what an authoritarian parent is. They...