The Hero's Quest.

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The Hero's Quest

by Scott Hemmerling

Tough, long, hard, exhausting; all words that are used to describe the hero's quest. In most sci-fi movies, the main hero must undergo a quest. Either the hero is reluctant and trained or willing and untrained to do this quest.

In all the science fiction movies that were watched in class, there was a similar plot. The main character was somewhat forced into a situation and told to save something important to the person that pulled them out of their life. Either the hero is reluctant and trained or willing and untrained to do this quest.

In the movie the Matrix, the main character, Neo, is the type of hero who is untrained. It is easy to figure this out because Neo is a regular nerd who is pulled out of his normal life. After he is pulled out of his life he is brought to something called the Matrix.

It's noticeable when Neo is plugged into the computer. The computer is giving him all the information he needs to perform his task. Also, when Morphious tells Neo about the Agents. While telling him about them, Morphious is instructing Neo on their strengths and weaknesses. These examples show that Neo is doesn't know how to perform his given tasks.

Also in the Matrix, Neo is one of the characters that are willing to jump into his task. When Neo is in the car with Trinity and Switch, he is given a choice. His choice is to leave or go to the Matrix with them. He chooses to go into the Matrix. One more example is after Neo comes back from the Matrix, he is still willing to go back into the Matrix to save Morphious. This shows how willing Neo is to complete his...