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My report is on the State of New Hampshire. I learned a lot while I was doing my report. When I am older, I plan on visiting New Hampshire.

History David Thompson first settled New Hampshire in 1623. It was named by John Mason, who was from the county of Hampshire in England.

New Hampshire was one of the original 13 colonies to secede from England.

It became the ninth state in 1788. New Hampshire is also known as the Granite State.

Geography Today, New Hampshire has a population of 1,11,915. The largest cities of New Hampshire have populations of over 100,000. The state capital is the city of Concord, but the most populated city of New Hampshire is the City of Manchester. Forests cover over 80% of New Hampshire's land, and there are over 1,030 bodies of water such as ponds and lakes. New Hampshire borders Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts.

2 Facts The state of New Hampshire has many interesting facts. Mount Washington was home of the first cog railroad in the United States. The city of Concord was the first place in the United States where artificial rain was used to fight a forest fire. There are over 50 covered bridges in New Hampshire, including the Windsor-Cornish Bridge which is one of the longest covered bridge in the world.

Unique Facts One of the most famous landmarks in New Hampshire is The Old Man of the Mountain, which is a natural formation of granite which resembles the side of the face of a man. The Old Man of the Mountain is on both the State Emblem and the State Coin. Culture The State Animal of New Hampshire is the white-tail deer. The ladybug is the State Insect. The State Bird is the purple finch, and the...