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In Hanover, New Jersey, scientists have found the biggest scientific advance in history. Scientists have finally found the human genome, after 47 years of of researching DNA. The genome is the set of instructions that defines an organism, which consists of 2 sets of 23 large DNA molecules. A total of 3 billion chemical units are in each set.

The President of the United States, Bill Clinton has totally agreed and praised this discovery. Clinton has said that it is "one of the most important, most wondrous maps ever produced by humankind." The Human Genome Project and the Celera Corporation solved this discovery within 2 years of dedticated work around the clock. This find will have a big impact on the study of health care and certain diseases. Also the the understanding of human biology and the biology of most animals. The Darthmouth Ethics Institute is holding a 2 week long institute, in teaching the implications of the Human Genome Project. A lot more questions are being asked about this great science find, but the scientists are sure to have more detailed answers later on.

In this article I thought that it was very interesting. I have always wanted to know more about the Human Genome Project. I recently heard about it on the news and wanted to know more. I'm glad that we have very intelligent scientists that can figure out these mind boggling questions. I hope to learn more about this matter as time passes.