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Multimedia Project Year 9 (CiMedia)

Submission Document

Task 1: Planning

Client Requirements

In the box below talk about your goals for the project. What will it do? Who is your target audience? I.e. who is the multimedia project aimed at?

Research: What is an Interactive Multimedia Product?

In the box below list the elements needed to make your project 1) a multimedia project and 2) interactive.


Research: Principles of multimedia design

In the box below, put the results on your research on the principles of multimedia design which will make your final work as good as possible. Reference any sources you have used at the end. You may bullet point your findings if you wish. You should aim to explain at least five principles.

Task 2: Design

Initial Sketch

On this page draw an example of a page of your proposed product. You should annotate this with some notes on colour, font, objects and how you have used your research on the principles of multimedia design.

You should get some feedback on your sketches, and state at least one change which you will make as a result of it.

Gantt Chart



Put your Gantt chart here please!


On this page, put a sketch of your simple storyboard showing all the pages and how they are linked together.

Task 3 - Implementation

Asset Sources Table

Complete the tables below stating where you got your assets from, including Harvard Style attributions. Extend the tables as necessary

Resource Description



Source Reference no.

Clearance needed / obtained?

Animation of running man.

Running man gif


1 http://mobileapps.sg/

No clearance needed as we are school pupils.




Attributions (in Harvard Style)

Source Reference Number







Complete the list below of all...