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MOOCs as the Remedy for Higher Education


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have recently developed into a popular topic of discussion in higher education forum. Undeniably there are a lot of problems existing in current mode of traditional higher education such as affordability, quality and flexibility. This paper will argue that MOOCs serve as a remedy to address the problems of higher education. 1) MOOCs are made to be affordable to every student who would like to learn, resolving the affordability of higher education; 2) MOOCs initiated interactive classes through various technological applications, to enhance the quality of class learning; 3) MOOCs allow for flexibility to cater to people with different needs or difficulties. Overall, despite some of the limitations, MOOCs could still serve as a remedy to resolve some problems with current higher education but they are certainly not a replacement of traditional higher education.

The technology boom has led to a new trend in higher education - MOOC mania.

A Massive Open Online Course, by definition of Tamar Lewin in his "Universities Abroad Join Partnerships on the Web", is an online course for large-scale interactive participation and open access via the web. Besides traditional course materials, MOOCs offer interactive forums that build a learning community that involves both teachers and students (Lewin). MOOCs are widely recognized by its interactive and convenient online learning platforms, and its openness to the general public. Increasingly, MOOCs' popularity has been extended to a larger audience. Every minute, there are people across the world, regardless of wealth, age and gender, signing into MOOCs to watch free or cheap online courses to enrich themselves for higher education. Despite the criticisms about MOOCs disrupting the structure of traditional universities or MOOCs ultimately existing for lucrative returns with no care about what...