Hispanic American Diversity

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Hispanic American Diversity 1Hispanic American DiversitySandra PerezAxia Collage University of PhoenixHispanic American Diversity 2Hispanic American DiversityAll through all Hispanic share one thing in common their language (Spanish); they differ in many aspect of life. In addition, many see the United States as the land of opportunities. However, they have come for different reasons like political, economical and family members already previously establish in the United Sates. The diversity of Hispanic living in the USA is enormous and will continue to increase for years to come. Just to mentioned a few some of the Hispanic groups present in the United Sates are Puerto Ricans, Mexican, Cuban and Dominicans. I will discuss the linguistic, political, social, economical, religious, and familial conventions and/or statuses for all this four Hispanic groups. Even if Hispanic shares the same language they should not be considered one ethnic group because there are more differences than similarities between them.

Puerto RicansAs mentioned by Green D. (n.d.) Puerto Ricans possess the opportunity of been bilingual education. They take English class thought the entire time the go to school in Puerto Rico. They have higher percentage of bilingual and fluently English spoken than any Hispanic group in the United States. All through Puerto Ricans have lower percentage of voting in the elections In the United States they hold many some political position where the Puerto Ricans population is higher. An example of is that Antonia Novello "was the first Hispanic woman to be named U.S. surgeon general. She served in the Bush administration from 1990 until 1993." (Green D, n.d.)Hispanic American Diversity 3Many Puerto Ricans holds high-paying jobs and higher collage graduation than other Hispanic group living in the United States. However, "despite the presumed advantages of American citizenship, Puerto Ricans are-overall-the most economically disadvantaged Latino group in the...