Hispanic American Diversity, ETH 125 Cultural Diversity

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Hispanic Americans cultural diversity is emulated in the various groups as well as in the origins of the individual cultures. Hispanic cultures have been swayed to different degrees by many traditions. Unification attempts of Hispanic Americans have often been tense among the various Hispanic American subgroups. Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Cuban Americans have very little in common. Most Hispanic Americans identify with other minority groups much easier than with other Hispanics.

Cuban Americans are often affiliated politically with Jewish Americans while Puerto Ricans have similar affiliations with African Americans. Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans are apt to favor liberal nominees in national and state elections while Cuban Americans are notorious for their powerful conservative ethics. As the Puerto Rican community becomes more educated, political activity expands. Further circumstances like the advent of bilingual programs, the steady arrival of certain kind of religious organizations, and the appointment of politically productive officials make it easier and beneficial to take part in the political process.

Puerto Ricans have many similar rights as any other U. S. citizen. Puerto Ricans cannot vote for the president even though they are citizens of the United States. They are excluded from paying federal income tax as well. Though some of the privileges associated with citizenship have been withheld from Puerto Ricans, they are allowed unrestricted U. S. Migration which has made New York City the one place with the most Puerto Ricans anywhere in the world (over one million). This immigration privilege is something many Hispanics would love to have. Cuban Americans, particularly in the Miami vicinity, tend to be considerably further cautious politically than other Latino groups which shape a dominant voting obstruction for the Republican Party in the state of Florida. They tend to back conservative political ideologies and support the Republicans. Many Cuban...