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English Comp 102 Professor Stern February 1, 2002 Adam J. McKillop "The strengths and weaknesses in Professor Levin essay The Case of Torture." In Professor Michael Levin essay, "The Case of Torture," he expresses strengths and weaknesses in his argument. He shows how America needs to start using torture as a device to stop terrorism. I feel that his strengths lean more towards using torture as a device. I feel he expresses strengths that torture is mandatory in life and death situations and that it is needed to save lives of innocent victims. The weaknesses in his article is when he talks about how Roosevelt could have saved millions of lives if he would have had Adolf Hitler assassinated.

Professor Levin gives hypothetical cases to prove his point about torture being morally mandatory. He gives an example of a terrorist who has planted a bomb on a plane that will go off at a certain time but if they catch him before the bomb goes off that we should use torture instead of using the justice system because that would be to much time.

His strengths show that if we don't use torture then innocent lives are at danger. This case is a strength in his article because it describes what could be done if this situation has occurred.

Another strength in his article is when he talks about torturing being unconstitutional. He goes on to say that lives are much more import than to the constitution. I feel that the strengths show that mass murder of innocent lives outweighs the word torture and the physical use of it. In the article I feel his strength is using the term idealism and defining it in a broad more reasonable sense.

The weakness in his article is about the situation in...