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America Online Before explaining the beginnings of America Online (AOL), it is important to understand how the internet was started and what the internet actually is. What the average person now refers to as the internet, is actually the "descendent" of the original ARPAnet (Advanced Research Projects Agency network), as part of the Department of Defense in 1969. During the 1970's the ARPAnet was opened to companies and Universities who were conducting research for the Department of Defense. In the late 1980's most Universities and businesses came online as a way to share information, especially for Universities, and as a fast convenient way to communicate among businesses and peers. In 1991 commercial providers were permitted to sell internet service to consumers and with in months millions of new subscribers joined the internet and began a new era in computing. (Sterling, n.d.) AOL began in 1985, originally known as Quantum Computer Services. As Quantum Computer Services, they offered an online service, Q-Link, for owners of Commodore computers. It officially became America Online in 1989. In October of 1989 America Online Introduced their AOL service for Macintosh and Apple II computers ("Chronological History," 2000). Two years later in February of 1991 AOL Introduces version of America Online for IBM compatible computers using Microsoft's DOS operating system. Shortly after that AOL launched its version of AOL for Microsoft's Windows operating system in January 1993 ("Chronological History," 2000). In 1993, AOL had only 500,000 members. In 1994 AOL reached 1 million members and just two short years later in 1996 it had 5 million members. AOL provides access to the Internet, and, in addition, offers access to its own online information and services which were designed to meet the needs and interests of the American consumer. Today, it serves more...