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New Age Music

New Age music is a sound that I enjoy. I did not know anything about this music's history, genre or culture but enough to know I like it. It was music I heard in stores or on the radio. The calm sounds of flute, guitar, piano, chimes and whimsical notes are what caught my interest. These sounds are what interested me to find out who the artists are. I would ask the store clerks or call up the radio stations. It was then that New Age music found its way into my music library.


The history of New Age music is amazing. New Age music is said to have started in the 1960's and 1970's when it was a source of conflicting trends in popular music (Coffey). In the late 1960's the term "space music" consequential from the electronics of a new musical form, was first named to artists such as Pink Floyd and Yes (Coffey).

At that time New Age music came to a halt due to the discontent of musicians and new technology. This "new" style was influenced by sounds of jazz, classical and ethnical forms of music as well.


The New Age music genre came to its own in the 1980's. Its audience grew and new performers had arisen. There are now several categories to New Age music such as Electronic, Neo-Classical, Space Music and Ambient. "The genre was originally inspired by equal doses of world music, space electronics and classical and those sounds are returning to the forefront" (Diliberto). New Age music has become a hybrid of combinations for the instrumental players. Many artists do not like this category because they think that their cultural music should not be classified under this one category. Artists that attribute their music to their...