History, Basic Teachings, Writings, Symbols, and Practices of Judaism: Determine the historical development of Judaism - Describe the major tenets of Judaism

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By reading the text, please answer the following questions. This assignment is due in Workshop Two.:Question: What are the three main literary forms of the Hebrew scripture? What is their main focus?Response:The three main literary forms of the Hebrew scripture include the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings. Together their main focus is "the creation of the world by a supreme deity, or God, and progresses through the patriarchs, matriarchs, and Moses who spoke with God and led the people according to God's commandments, and the prophets who heard God's warnings to those who strayed from the commandments". (Living Religions, Fifth Edition,pg 231).

Question: What is the main collection of Rabbinic Judaism? What is the origin and the role of the synagogue in this tradition?Response:The main collection originated in the work of the Pharisaic rabbis, it was based on the legal and commutative literature in the Talmud, and it set up a mode of worship and a life discipline that were to be practiced by Jews worldwide.

Rabbinic Judaism used the Hebrew Bible as a foundation document, but from it they have developed in their own ways. The rabbis were teachers, religious decision-makers, and creators of liturgical prayer. The Synagogue was the main public institution of Judaism, thought to have begun during the Babylonian captivity in the 6th century BCE. After the Jerusalem Temple had been destroyed, in 587 BCE, early synagogues were necessary for the exiles to carry on religious activities. (http://www.religion-encyclopedia.com/S/synagogue.htm ) The synagogue is the Jewish place of worship, but is also used as a place to study, and often as a community centre as well.

Question: What are the differences between the God of Abraham and the gods of the surrounding cultures?Response: The God of Abraham is considered to be "creator of all surroundings" the one...