History of Judaism

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History of Judaism





History of Judaism

Judaism is one of the oldest religions. Depending on one's point of view, Judaism can go back two thousand years or much longer. When Prophet Moses was born, Hebrew's were slaves in Egypt. The pharaoh was scared that Hebrew's will take over Egypt so he ordered to have all Hebrew baby boys to be killed at birth. Moses's mother put him in a basket in the Nile River trying to save him (Molloy, 2013). This paper will summarize the life of Moses in the Jewish history. The paper will explain the opening of the Red Sea as Moses and his followers moved out of Egypt, as well as the sacred Ten commandments that were given to Moses to pass on to the Hebrews.

Summary of Moses life in Jewish History

Moses was the founding father of believing in one God.

Moses's life began as a journey when his parents put their trust in God trying to save him, and when he followed Gods directions step by step to save the Hebrews (Keeth, 2009). Moses was found in the Nile River by an Egyptian princess who raised him as her own son and he grow up to be a prince himself. When he saw an Egyptian foreman beating an Israelite slave, in trying to stop the mistreatment he ended up killing the Egyptian foreman. He then was scared for his own life and had to flee from Egypt (Molloy, 2013).

God introduced himself to Moses through a burning bush that even though was burning but did not burn down. This was a miracle (Aust, 2014). God talked to Moses and commanded him to return to Egypt in a mission to free the Hebrews from slavery...