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This photograph is from the December/January 2009 issue of Teen Vogue and is on page 80. The model is a young woman who catches one’s eye with her awkward stance, as she is slouched forward and one of her knees is bent in toward the other at a large angle, and with her gaping mouth and joyful facial expression. One can see immediately that the intended audience is the relatively young female population who would enjoy dressing up in a nice dress and high heels and simply having fun. One can also come to this conclusion from the fact that this advertisement is in Teen Vogue, a magazine solely dedicated to the wishes and aspirations of teenage girls. This also connects to the fact that the mood of the image is very carefree and jovial. She is obviously happy and is wearing a flowing green dress, which is about the same shade as the big green letters O and K, making up “OK”.

There is a record player next to her and big speakers to the left of it. The guitar in the back left corner also ties into the theme of music. These all contribute to a “hip” and young scenery; the kind of simple, yet fun room that every girl enjoys. Again contributing to the musical aspect of the photograph, she looks as if she is having fun dancing alone in her room in her Aldo high heels, while the backlighting highlights the edges of her body. This is what truly makes the photograph.

There is something intriguing about this girl wearing her heels and dressing up, yet she is alone in her own home and is neither at a party nor a dinner. The viewer is immediately drawn into the photograph. The fact that the toes...