The History of Super Mario Brothers.

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The History of Super Mario Brothers

He's fat, wears overalls, and is a plumber. Not much of a hero if you ask me. It turns out that this stout little Italian man is one of video game's most famous heroes. Mario was born in 1981, a creation of Shigeru Miyamoto. His first ever appearance was in the game Donkey Kong, in which Mario didn't even have a name yet! Miyamoto simply called him "jumpman"

One must wonder why on earth Miyamoto called him Mario. After DK was released the President of Nintendo America, suggested that he looked his landlord at the time. The landlord's name was Mario Segali, straight out of Italy. Thus began his image for the next 20 plus years. How he got that famous image is what I'm assuming most of you don't know.

Rather simple really. Miyamoto gave him the famous mustache and cap because it was easier in terms of graphical quality.

Due to the low resolution and few colors, a hat and mustache was easier to see. Mario was given his overalls in order for his arms to be seen easier. Contrary to popular belief, Mario was actually a carpenter before he was a plumber, in order for people to identify with him.

The Mario craze really began to set in with the release of Mario Brothers to the arcades in 1983. Plumbing was the theme introduced in this crude game. Enemies would spawn out of pipes. Mario and his new brother Luigi would have to fight these newfound enemies. They were actually just turtles in which you had to knock over to defeat.

1985 was the single greatest year in Mario's history. The legendary "Super Mario Brothers" was brought to America. The side-scrolling technique was first introduced in this game. Multiple...