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Scott Beardslee "THE HOBBIT" by: Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel (a.k.a. J.R.R. Tolkien) 303 pages The Hobbit is a fiction story and is told in third person limited view. There is no mentioned narrator and Tolkien only delivers insight on the thoughts and feelings of Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit. The Hobbit has a very dark and mysterious mood which is often brightened by the amusing dialogue and actions of the dwarves.

MAIN CHARACTERS Bilbo Baggins - an ordinary hobbit. Hobbits are small, human-like creatures, fond of food and comfort, and not normally inclined to adventures; therefore, Bilbo is an unlikely and unusual protagonist. His quiet existence changes one day when he sets out on an adventure, hired by a party of dwarves to act as a burglar and help them recover a treasure. Through a series of unexpected and sometimes unpleasant encounters, Bilbo learns much about himself; he discovers, for example, that he is capable of being brave and resourceful in a crisis.

Much of The Hobbit focuses on Bilbo's development into a hero.

Gandalf - a good wizard. Gandalf plays a major role in the book. He organizes the expedition of the dwarves and Bilbo and accompanies them in the initial stages of the book. Later, he helps in bringing the adventure to an end. Though wise and powerful, Gandalf uses his powers only when necessary, preferring to let Bilbo and the dwarves accomplish and learn as much as possible on their own.

Thorin Oakenshield - the chief of the dwarves in Bilbo's party. His grandfather was the last King under the Mountain, before the kingdom was devastated by Smaug the dragon. Thorin's hope to regain some of the vast treasure stolen by Smaug is the impetus for the adventure. Upon gaining possession of the mountain, Thorin becomes obsessed...