"Holes" by Louis Sachar

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"Holes" is a book by Louis Sachar. The main character in this book is named Stanley. This book is about a boy who is found responsible for a crime he didn't commit. His bad luck lands himself in a very strange correctional camp in the Texas desert. They say in this camp he digs holes to build character, but Stanley thinks they're not only looking forward to him building character, but what they're looking for is buried money. The great thing about this book is that it teaches us how we should react in complicated situation. While Stanley faces his time in this camp he makes a lot of friends and this book will teach you how to act when you're meeting new friends and when your friends are picking on you. Another important lesson this book teaches people is, to always keep your promises, because if you don't, sometime in the future it will come back and bite you.

Stanley has to make a lot of complicated decisions throughout this book to protect his friendship with others. Aside from decision making in order for Stanley Yelnats to make friends within this camp, he must treat others with the respect and proper manners that he has learned through his life. Stanley's family is cursed, because one of his family members didn't keep a simple promise. Stanley has to deal with all these problems while still working in the camp.

Stanley has to make some complicated decisions throughout this story in order to save his friendship with friends and family. For example, he had to either choose to keep this rare metal lipstick or to give it to X-Ray to keep so he can have the day off. Stanley's decision was to give it to X-Ray so that X-Ray would...