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The Warsaw Ghetto In my topic about the Warsaw Ghetto I will be telling you about what life was like in there and how mean the Nazis were to the Jews. A ghetto is a place where the jews were forced to live. They put them in ghettos before they went to concentration camps.

The first jewish ghettos under the Nazis were set up in 1939. The Nazis surrounded the ghettos with brick walls and barbed wire. Movement in and out of the ghettos was strictly controlled. Any Jew that was caught trying to escape was shot right on the spot.

The ghettos were crowded and very dirty. Hundreds of thousands of jews died from starvation and disease. During the first 6 months over 5,000 people starved to death.

Some Jews between the ages of 14-60 were sent to work in slave labor camps. Both Jews and nonjews died from the terrible conditions in the camps.

Other Jews were sent to concentration camps were they were starved, beaten, and worked to death. The Nazis called this system "extermination through labor".

The largest numbers of Jews were killed at six death camps. The largest of these camps was Auschwitz.

The Jews who died in the Holocaust came from all over Europe. About 160,000 of them were German jews.

On April 19,1943 was the night of Passover. In Warsaw the Jews had very little to celebrate. Millions of Jews were struggling to survive in a ghetto set up by the Nazis.

For months the Jews of the ghetto had been secretely preparing for something else.

The planned to strike back at the Nazis gathering weapons the could find.

By 1943 almost 90 percent of the 450,000 that were forced into the ghetton were dead. Those who lived worked the hardest workers.