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The central theme of the Holocaust was death, destruction, and loss for so many people. There are so many horrible memories that are left behind from millions. Six million Jews and millions of non-Jews were killed between 1933-1945.

The Hebrew translation of Holocaust is offered up; it signifies a burnt offering or offered whole unto the Lord.

It is a religious significance.

The Nazis spoke of the Jews as "The Final Solution of the Jewish Problem." They defined Jews as a problem to everyone. Their intention was total-to end Jewish history, to eliminate all Jewish blood. (Berenbaum 1) The Jews were first categorized. Their liberties were restricted and properties were taken away. They had to leave universities and jobs. Jewish people were isolated and were forced to wear the Jewish star. They were even forbidden from public places. The Jews were assembled in groups then sent off to camps.

In 1942 the concentration camps held a hundred thousand people.

The population grew to two hundred twenty-four thousand in 1943, and five hundred twenty-four thousand in 1944. In January 1945 there was seven hundred twenty-four thousand inmates. More than three million people, mostly Jews, were murdered in concentration camps. Starvation, and exhaustion, disease, shooting, and beatings killed some.

Gassing killed many more. At one time there were twelve thousand people a day being gassed. The killing centers during the Holocaust were Auschwitz/Birkenaw, Majdanek, Chelmno, Sobibor, Belzec, and Trebinka. All of these camps were located on a main railroad line in Poland. This was a good link to the killing process. These camps were factories of death.

During the period between 1942-1945 trains carried human cargo from every direction. Transports were also given additional cars. More Jews were crammed into fewer cars. Indirect routes were taken so the people could always keep...