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The Holocaust was the organized annihilation of six million Jews by the Nazi rule during the Second World War. This was most definitely the hardest seven years the Jewish population has ever faced. Thousands tried to flee from their European homelands because wherever they go, they are not treated as equals. Canada like other nations did not try to get more Jews into the country. Many Canadians living in the country were getting worried about the great amounts of refugees fleeing to Canada so they demanded the government to provide help. Anti-Semitism also existed in Canada where many industries refused to hire Jews and many Jews had to hide their identities so they can get jobs. Canada's immigration policy was restrictive towards non-Anglo-Saxon and Jewish religions. A good example of something gone for Canada would be the "St. Louis" where a boat carrying 907 Jews had been denied entry into Cuba and other Latin American countries.

When they turned to Canada for entry, Canada denied entry to the boat "St.Louis" and the boat had to head back to Europe where most Jews sooner or later died in Nazi concentration camps.

I believe that Canada should not have been scanty to the Jews just because some Canadians didn't like it. Instead of accepting the 3000 Sudeten German refugees who would have survived since they're German, Canada should've accepted the Jews who are bound to die. Why is it that Canadian citizens be hostile to Jews when they are the ones suffering as an alternative they could be unfriendly to Germans because Canada has just entered the war and they should be more suspicious of Germans who could be working for the Nazi's. I don't care if Canada accepts some people but they should agree with me that Jews are also humans like us and we treat other humans the same way we would treat our family members. Almost every person on the boat "St.Louis" is killed in comparison to the passenger liner "Athenia" which was torpedoed and 200 people lost their lives. Whish do you think is more severe. Canada should blame themselves for the whole future and make sure this never happens again.