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Hitler was one of the most persuasive speakers in history. His followers supported him like moths to a flame. Their undying passion for serving him was unparalleled. They would die to fight for his beliefs. Even after World War II, there are still websites and organizations out there that continue to follow in his footsteps. They manipulate naive teenagers and young adults to believe in Hitler's power by giving false historical information. At this rate, World War III will become a harsh reality in the near future.

Historical revisionists are those who challenge the accepted interpretations of historical events. For example, there were revisionist historians who have challenged the common picture of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a champion of the oppressed and needy. There was "a self-styled" revisionists who challenged the standard interpretations of the history of the Jewish Holocaust. However, there is a difference between the revisionists that were analyzing FDR and the ones with the Holocaust.

Revisionists writing about FDR never denied that there was a man named Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was the thirty-second President of the U.S.A. In contrast, the "self-styled" revisionists writing about the Holocaust attempt to deny the facts altogether. They are not entitled to use of the term "revisionist", for their aims are political rather than scholarly. To deny a historical fact is absurd.

The denial movements have established a new front on the Internet. In addition to creating their own web pages, Holocaust deniers have sometimes "crashed," or taken down the sites of legitimate Holocaust and Jewish discussion groups. Holocaust deniers have also advertised their websites by purchasing "innocuous-sounding", "inconspicuous classified" ads in college and community newspapers (Holocaust Denial Pocket). Stormfront White Pride Organization, one of the denial groups, preaches racial discrimination and hatred on their website. In order to back-up...