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What do you think about when you think about the Second World War? Do you think of all the lives that was taken or do you remember the speaker and leader Adolph Hitler and all of his many deeds? For me there is one thought that keeps tricking my mind: why did the Jews deserve such destiny?

During the Second World War six millions Jews died, some were isolated and killed in the death camps and others suffered another painful death. The Nazis hated the Jews so much that they literally wanted to get rid of them forever, so they made these destruction camps where they killed the Jews. There were 6 huge death camps. When the Jews arrived in the camps they were split up into two groups, men I one group and women and children in another. The women and children were shot or gassed shortly after the arrival because they couldn't work as hard as the men.

The men were put into work immediately, and many of them were forced to work themselves to death. The prisoners in the camps were desperate and so scared that they would do anything to survive. They did not care about the other people in the dead camps, only themselves. Some of the children and women were sometimes used for inhuman experiments. They made experiments to find out how much pressure the human body could take, by freezing them and heating them.

Those Jews who have survived the holocaust carry some tragic memories. Memories and stories about what they have done, how bad they were treated and how much they suffered. Many of them have some awful experience on their conscience. A Jewish man who has survived the Second World War and survived the death camp Auschwitz told his...