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Holocaust. This word can make one quiver. This horrible time in

history took place between the years 1939-1945. The Germans invaded

many countries in Europe and their final quest ended up being to make the

Aryan 'race' superior to all other religions and races. One of the results of

this was six million innocent Jews killed. How could the world sit back and

let this happen without blinking an eye? The fact is that the Germans

covered up their despicable crimes with pictures and footage that was set up.

The rest of the world heard the cries of the Jews, but didn't bother to

investigate further. If the children of today and of the generations to come

are educated about World War II and what went on between the Jews and the

Nazis, then there will be no chance of this happening again in the future.

There have been many Holocaust survivors who have shared their

stories. They want to let the world know what happened to them. For a lot

of them, it is very difficult to speak of their experiences, but the public

should know how people were tortured during this period in time.

Eta Fuchs Berk of Fredericton New Brunswick is a Holocaust survivor

and published a book about her life for the sole purpose of having her

memories 'survive her'. In other words, she wants people to know her story

even after she is gone. Her life was disrupted a few years into World War II

when she was living her teenage years with her family in a town in

Transylvania. When Hungary invaded the town, she was sent to Auschwitz

along with most of the families from her town. The things she experienced

there are beyond description. By the end of the war, her entire...