Holocaust: The Beginning of the End

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Imagine that you are at home with your family enjoying life, when one day a power out of your control decides your fate and the fate of millions like you. This was the scenario that was realized in Nazi occupied Europe during World War II. Millions of Jews, prisoners of war, polish people, homosexuals, and anyone else who in the eyes of Adolf Hitler did not fit into his image of a perfect world were targeted. Their lives were uprooted, many died and those that survived were changed forever. The horrors that were experienced are unimaginably real and graphic. People were treated like animals and were slaughtered as such. Where did this entire hatred stem from one might ask? I will explain the events leading up to the Holocaust as well as the reasoning behind it.

Although prejudice toward the Jews had existed in Europe for hundreds of years, Rudolph Binion, in his book Hitler Among the Germans suggested that Hitler's fanatical hatred of the Jews partially stemmed from a particular incident.

Hitler's adored mother, Klara, became very ill with breast cancer. She was treated by a Jewish doctor named Eduard Bloch. The accepted treatment at the time was with iodaform (a form of iodine) which was very painful and could be toxic. Despite the treatment, Klara died on Dec. 21, 1907. On December 24th, Hitler went to thank Bloch for doing all he could to help his mother. However, Dr. Bloch handed Hitler his bill which amounted to 10% percent of Klara's estate. According to Binion, this incident cemented in Hitler's subconscious a stereotype associated with Jews. At this time, Hitler's bitter hatred of the Jews begins to develop. Hitler goes through his early years were a growing hatred of Jews. After fighting in World War I he wants...