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Homelessness can happen to anyone and sometimes without warning. In 2011 2,303 people were recorded as homeless in Cairns; that's 12% of the total number in the state. What do we as humans define as homelessness? It is someone without a roof over their head? Someone who doesn't have food? These people are struggling to survive with the little they have so why can't the rest of Cairns help to provide a shelter, jobs, food and even some love. If I was mayor of Cairns my main concern would be homelessness and to prevent this I would propose an offer to start a campaign called "New Beginnings, bridging the gap one step at a time."

Homelessness continues to progress in our society today and it needs to be resolved. A slow working solution for Cairns is to start up a campaign. This campaign is helping to fight and raise community awareness of homelessness, the money raised will help fund for a shelter, educational tools and food.

New Beginnings is a program specifically designed to take people off the streets and help provide them with a better lifestyle. This campaign would allow everyday people to have an insight into the life of the homeless; people would first be sponsored by fellow citizens to spend a minimum of 24 consecutive hours without technology, shelter and a comfortable place to rest. The people would sleep in a park or paddock in a large group and the group will share a small amount of food. This event will help people have a view on the life of a homeless person and help fight and raise community awareness of homelessness. This campaign will also provide the homeless people with some hope and reconciliation to continue to try to move forward and change their life.

Having a house to sleep in means more than just having a somewhere to rest, it means you can shower have a comfortable sleep you can eat at a table or on a lounge; you have more than just a block of cement. That is why this campaign is helping to fund for a shelter. I guarantee it will not be like a house but more a boarding facility where you have a place to rest and shower and if enough funding some medical attention. The facility will help people get back onto their feet, whilst at the facility people will have a chance for a job interview. Giving people the chance for a job can change where they live, what they eat and how their life continues. The homeless facility would raise awareness that homeless people want to change lives and make it right, with the facility they can do this and fight against homelessness.

Jobs interviews are hard enough to do without worrying about questions concerning why you're homeless. Homeless people are often talked about as "lazy" because they don't have a job but in reality they are just conscious about not having an address, or cannot find a job that accepts homeless people. Giving a homeless person the chance to have a job can change their life. They will have an income and are able to afford food and other needs. Giving the homeless a job can set them up for a life with more comfort and hope of a good future. The campaign will help by setting up job interviews for the homeless to go to when they stay at the boarding facility. If they didn't feel confident enough the facility would need help and they can earn an income there and then after a while have an interview for another job. Providing this to the homeless it shows that they are a part of our community and it we do our best to bring them back with bright futures and positive feedback about the help they received.

Food is an important part of the growth and health of the body. If people are unable to afford food do they just go the day without eating? This tends to happen when someone is homeless, with the campaign up and running food is one of many priorities. Food plays a major part in health; with no food people become undernourished. This campaign will provide money to cook nutritional meals that will not only stop the starvation but it will provide their bodies with nutrients that are needed. Giving the homeless meals most nights will give them some hope and love; they have gone through the hardest times of their life and a bit of reconciliation could give the world of strength. As more and more people begin to do this less and less homeless people will have go without meals and it raises community awareness about how homelessness doesn't just mean you don't have a roof over your head; it shows the citizens that emotions and health are effected as well.

I would like to conclude by saying homeless people need our help to get back on their feet and become a part of our society again. As mayor that would be my main priority to prevent and cease homelessness by New Beginnings. Homeless people need the care from the rest of the society to give the little bit of hope to continue trying to change their life. I believe this can help and change the life of the ones doing it tough on the streets, they are a part of our society and they need help, love and hope.