Homosexual marriages

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Homosexual Marriages Specific Purpose: To explain to my audience why homosexual marriages should stay illegal.

Thesis Statement: Homosexual marriages should not be legalized.

Introduction I. Attention Getter: According to an article from Carolina News Services, a new national poll, says more then half of Americans believe that homosexual marriages should not be legal.

II. Credibility Statement: After doing research on homosexual marriages. I have now discovered why it should stay illegal.

III. Thesis Statement: Homosexual marriages should not be legalized.

IV. Relate Topic to Audience: Do you want to grow up and in a society where homosexual marriages are recognized.

V. Preview Statement: Today I will be discussing the reason why some people think it is right for homosexuals to marry. Then I will argue why homosexual marriages go against religion beliefs, how it would break the tradition of marriage, and how it will affect children.

Transition: Fist I will discuss the reasons why some people think homosexual marriages should be legal.

Body I. There are many views that people about allowing homosexual marriages.

A. Many people argue that marriage is just two people who love each other.

1. Congress can not make any law respecting an establishment of religion, stated in the Fist Amendment.

2. Religious grounds cannot determine constitutional law.

B. We have already broken the meaning of traditional marriages.

1. Marriages between different races use to be illegal, but now are a legal.

2. The meaning of tradition was broken long ago and should not be a factor in legalizing homosexual marriages.

C. Researchers are arguing that children of homosexual parents do as well as those of heterosexual parents, according to a 2002 article from USA Today.

1. Children will do better with homosexual parents, then having a single parent.

2. Talk show host Rosie...