Homosexuals: Outcasts of the Church

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Issues concerning homosexuality and homosexual rights are becoming a prominent problem. It was never a subject that was discussed openly until recently. One of the reasons that problems arose around homosexuals is that more are becoming open with their sexuality. Through more homosexuals are "coming out of the closet," it does not necessarily mean that they are being accepted by society. There are many people in our society who view same sex relations as immoral, ungodly and vulgar.

Homosexuals face many prejudices and discrimination from our society, a society which under the Declaration of Independence was founded firmly on the belief that everyone is created equal. This belief is not solely subjected to straight men and women; it includes gays and lesbians as well. Homosexuals are not accepted from the religious point of view either. Although the popular belief is that everyone is God's child, both heterosexual and homosexuals, many argue that homosexuality is against the Bible and therefore, it is wrong.

Some Bible literalists say, "the word of God clearly forbids gay sex" (Johnson 67). Their argument is that God created Adam a man and Eve a woman as his companion because he wanted relations in this fashion. The thing that most people do not realize is that the same God created homosexuals. Besides, no one just decides to be homosexual or heterosexual; they are just born with different sexual preferences.

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Through the ignorance and miseducation in our society, homosexuals are discriminated against. The church is an establishment in which homosexuals face the

most discrimination. Most people look to the church for answers when they are confused. If the church mistreats gays and lesbians, there is very little chance for homosexuals to live in a society without facing sexual discrimination. The church prevents homosexuals from openly expressing...