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Jeffrey Boateng

This more of an assignment then an essay to help people who are reading the Hot zone.

Diction: choice of words

Tone: The attitude of the speaker or writer as revealed in the choice of vocabulary.

The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

General Tones: Caution, fear, and uncertainty

Example one: Once a virus hits the net, it can shoot anywhere in a day-Paris, Tokyo, New York, Los Angles, wherever planes fly. Charles Monet and the life form inside him had entered the net.

Richard Preston mentions all these cities to show how dangerous the virus could be. Many people could be affected in New York alone Ebola could have a global impact. The plane becomes a host it is carrying the virus in a sense.

Example two: Both species, the human and the monkey, were in the presence of another life form, which was older and more powerful the either of them, and was a dweller in blood.

(Pg 57)

Richard Preston is use of the word older makes creates uncertainty. No one knows how long the Ebola virus has been. The "life form" (viruses are neither dead or alive) could have mutated many of times make it powerful. Then to make if worse it is a dweller in blood so it can move from animal to animal.

Example three: The black vomit is loaded with virus. It is highly infective, lethally hot, a liquid that would scare the daylights out of military biohazard specialists. (Pg 12)

Black vomit is scary as is but when it is loaded with virus everyone should be afraid. This is what Preston tries to accomplish with "lethally hot". "Lethally hot" means instant death a kind of sickness people don't return from.

Example four: His only luggage is internal, and it is...