"House of the Spirits": The importance of Esteban Trueba in the novel.

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House of the Spirits was a powerful novel set in a Hispanic world written by Isabel Allende. The overall story is about three generations of extraordinary women, their life story as well as the story of their country. There is one character though, who's presence is the backbone of the entire nove.l. The name of the man is Esteban Trueba. His life driven force is that of lust. But his lust is not only for pleasure, but instead, he lusts for money and power also.

Esteban falls in love with Rosa at first sight. "I have never though of love until I met Rosa...I remember the exact moment when Rosa the Beautiful entered my life like a distracted angel who stold my soul as she went by (Allende 22)." Rosa's beauty entraced everyone. After he gathered enough courage to greet Rosa and her family, he asked for her hand in marriage.

He began working tirelessly for two years in a dangerous mine. He had hoped to make enough money so that Rosa and he could live a proper life for a woman of her stature. But just as Esteban is ready to get married to Rosa, she falls ill from an assassination meant for her father. The poison can not be stopped and she dies, the entire town mourns her death. After Esteban hears of this, he feels he has nothing left to live for. He becomes patron of the Three Marias. He raped all the young girls of the village. "Esteban did not remove his clothes. He attacked her savagely, thrusting himself into her without preamble, with unnecessary brutality (Allende 57)." The act that he committed showed that he was truly the patron, and the owner of the people in the Three Marias. He did rape for...