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COMPT Ltd is a thriving electronics manufacturing and distribution company. Set up ten years ago, the company develops software program for large firms in the Kingdom. Growth has been rabid, with a lot of new business won a reputation for product innovation and high quality. The company currently employs 150 people at a costal site in the North of the commercial city of Jeddah. It is now planning a further expansion of its facility to take advantage of the new markets, which are opening up in the Gulf Region and beyond.

Although the company is a success, the managing director is feeling uneasy about the way the company is managing its human resources. There are two areas that give him cause for concern .The first involves the way non-technical training is organized.

Training organization

The company has always invested heavily in training its workforce. Indeed, the managing director is convinced that COMPT's reputation is mainly attributable to its highly trained workforce.

In the past, training was confined to technical area. However, with the expansion of the company, it has been necessary to develop the training organization to provide additional skills in area such as administration, finance, marketing, teambuilding and communication.

There is no Personal Department; Training has always been left to the line mangers to organize. With technical training, this was never a problem .It was always well organized, consisting of mainly on the job-training and day release courses provided by local training center. However now that training is extending into non-technical areas, the managing director is having increasing doubts the effectiveness of the training organization within his company. Recent serves to highlight this.

Walking through the production department a few weeks ago, the managing director spotted a memo and a list of the notice board.